Advanced Care Paramedic

at Industrial Paramedic Services (view profile)
Location Fort McMurray
Date Posted September 6, 2017
Category ACP
Job Type Full-time
Job Open Date Sept 7/17
Job Closing Date Sept 28/17
Does this position require a driver's licence? Yes Class 5 Non- GDL
Contact Person Michelle at:
Contact Phone Number 780-955-9434
Medical Director Dr. Harper


Position Overview

The Paramedic provides onsite emergency medical services within an industrial environment, tending to both urgent and non-urgent medical needs.

Essential Job Functions

  • Medical assistance at accidents, emergencies and other related incidents, in an ambulance or MTC.
  • Assesses the condition of patients at a clinic location.
  • Respond to emergency calls 24/7
  • Provides immediate course of treatment en route to hospital or on scene.
  • Applies splints to limbs, dressing wounds, administering pain relief, oxygen, drips and fluids.
  • Uses technical equipment, CPAP, AED, ECG in order to resuscitate and stabilize patients.
  • May administer IV and Entonox
  • May administer Oral Glucose, 050, and Epi
  • Make available Over the Counter drugs (as required)
  • Make available ASA8 I mg (as required)
  • May administer Narcotics (as required)
  • Completes procedures when necessary, such as intubation (insertion of a breathing tube), suturing etc.
  • Monitors patient's condition.
  • Assesses whether and how to move patients and, where appropriate, the best location to transport them to.
  • Liaises with members of other emergency services, such as the police, fire brigade and other ambulance services to ensure the appropriate level of response is provided.
  • Deals with members of the public/worksite present at the scene.
  • Drives an ambulance or other rapid response vehicle.
  • Cleans, decontaminates and checks vehicles, clinics, and equipment to maintain a state of operational readiness.
  • Maintains medical documentation and reports on patient's conditions.
  • Attend daily safety meetings

Requirements/ Education

  • ACP registered
  • WHIMIS/TDG/IPS New Hire Training
  • H2S Alive and PST/CSTS
  • ACLS
  • Class¬†5¬†(or equivalent) Driver's License


Other Skills/Abilities

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Functional knowledge of computer operations, including Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  • Effectively organize and prioritize situations and activities ranging from urgent patient care issues to routine office and clinic duties
  • Must be reliable, dependable and capable of working in a fast-paced team environment
  • Able to travel via motor vehicle and air transport